3 Simple Eyewear Fashion Tips for 2018

Having trouble with your vision lately? Well, you should schedule an eye exam. If you’re afraid that you’ll have to buy glasses, you should reconsider that fear. While contact lenses serve as the unnoticeable visual aid, eyewear can add an exclamation point to your 2018 fashion statement.

Eyewear once looked clunky, got in the way and robbed your daily style of its rightful shine. In 2018, glasses are at an all-time high as an accessory to any outfit. If you’re not the stand-out fashion type, you’ll enjoy these simple suggestions for your new eyewear.

  1. Retro Style: Retro style has made its comeback from clothing to jewelry to accessories, but it has all been modernized to fit trends of this generation. Though the retro frames of the past were thicker, as mentioned before, the new-age retro look weighs more toward a minimalist style. Bring back your favorite 70s, 80s and 90s looks topped off with new retro frames!
  2. Blushes and Neutrals: Some like the pop, others like the blend. With stylish blushes and neutrals, you can create a smooth blended contrast from your eyewear into your outfit. This makes it easier to wear a simple gray sweater and create a sophisticated aesthetic that will register in the subconscious of onlookers as you boast a newfound comfortable confidence.
  3. Wooden: This style challenges the flashy frames of the new generation. With shades of brown and beige to create the wooden effect, or with actual wooden frames, you can achieve a classic style that screams simplicity. These colors will match well with dark, earthy attire allowing you to mesh into autumn or hibernate during the warmer months.

These styles are all simple, yet unique and can be achieved with the help of your favorite designer brands. Fortunately, we’ve got all of your favorite brands available in store at Inglewood Optometry!

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