Designer Eyewear Trends

Designer eyewear continues to shape style and bend trends worldwide. From Versace to Prada to Burberry, designers continue to churn out new eyewear annually as trends evolve regularly. Here are a few popular designer eyewear trends.


Color has made a huge comeback over the last few years. In the past, colored frames seemed almost too cheesy and “costume-like.” These days designers are offering multiple colors for most of their styles. A dash of color, by way of your eyewear, immediately brightens any outfit. Especially if you’re wearing all black. Color is also a bold choice for your reading glasses if you’re looking for a splash of color every once in awhile, as opposed to your everyday glasses. But don’t shy away from color if you feel it doesn’t suit your personality. Purchasing a new pair of glasses with a unique color could be the change in your style that you’ve wanted and you’ll definitely get noticed. When choosing a particular color just make sure to consider your skin tone and hair color. People with lighter pigment, may stand out a bit more with a brighter color (an effect that may or may not work for you).


In recent years we’ve seen a rise in 60s retro inspired glasses. This trend almost gives a customer an instant classy appeal. For women, the 60s glasses of choice has been cat-eye frames. The sleek and sexy shape of the cat-eye is an edgy fashion statement. Some actually prefer this as their “reading glasses” opposed to their everyday frames because of the edginess. We actually believe anyone can pull these off. For men, it’s been the return of the horn-rimmed frames. Tossing on a pair of these on a man’s face, makes him look knowledgeable and strong. The frames have a “frameless” bottom while framed at the top which create a cool, classic effect.

Your designer eyewear is meant to be an extension of you, whether your personality is bold with bold colored frames, or classic with horn-rimmed frames. Let your frames, enhance your character without seeming like you’re wearing a costume.

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