Glass Lenses vs Plastic Lenses

The War of the Lenses

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about glass lenses vs plastic lenses. Most of our patients don’t have enough information when it comes to the differences, and picking a lens material can be difficult for them. At Inglewood Optometry, we believe that you should be informed when it comes to choosing the lens material that really works for you.

Two Huge Differences

When it comes to glass and plastic, you have to consider whether they are scratch resistance and the weight of the lens. As it turns out, glass lenses are scratch resistance and plastic lenses are not. This clearly means that plastic lenses are easier to scratch and ruin, which is hard to do with glass lenses. Plastic lenses will need to be handled more carefully than with glass lenses.

The trade off? Plastic lenses weigh less than glass lenses. Why does that matter? Well glass lenses will be heavier on your nose and can even cause pressure points. This means when you’re wearing the glasses for long periods of time, you might get unsightly marks near your nose that you may not like.

Tips to Help You Make Your Choice

• Glass lenses are more likely to shatter or crack if they are dropped on a hard surface. Plastic lenses aren’t. However, again, plastic is prone to scratches and glass isn’t.
• Glass lenses are thinner and some would argue more attractive looking because they have a higher index than plastic lenses. High index lenses are manufactured to be thinner at the edges of the lens and lighter in weight overall.
• Plastic lenses are clearer to see out of and less prone to glares because they are less reflective than glass lenses.
• Plastic lenses are offered in more colors and larger sizes than glass lenses, which make them more versatile. Essentially you can get any type of frame in prescription with plastic lenses.

We hope that pointing out the differences between glass vs plastic lenses will help you decide which one suits you best. Glasses and frames are important to your comfort and style. Stop by Inglewood Optometry today to try some glasses on to see our sharp selection in person. Located in the Los Angeles area, we’re open Monday-Saturday. Or call us at (310) 671-2020 to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you!

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