Not A Dry Eye in the House with Lipiflow & Other Cures

Cause and Effect

Dry eyes can affect everyone whether or not you suffer from dry eye syndrome or allergies and there are plenty of treatments including a procedure called Lipiflow. In California the dry heat can make dry eyes flare up regularly. The triple digit temperatures mixed with smog is not healthy for your eyes. Dry eyes can cause itchiness and discomfort as well as pain and redness. And nobody in Los Angeles wants to commute with their eyes in those kinds of conditions, after all commuting is difficult enough. For those with allergies, when the flowers sprout and the pollen starts flying, an itchy nose can be the first sign of oncoming dry eyes (and headaches and sneezing and runny nose and you get the point…)


But for eyes in particular there are several cures for dry eyes (whether you have dry eye syndrome, allergies, or the occasional bout). And according to All About Vision here are a few One of the common ways and probably the easiest cure is through artificial tears. Artificial tears are easy to purchase at a convenience store as well as being affordable and easy to use. Just one or two of the dry eye drops in the affected eye (as recommended) and the healing should begin. This is a great solution for those who only get dry eyes occasionally. A Lacrisert insert is another helpful way to be relieved of dry eyes. The insert is easy to put in by using the device it comes in. Just like in the beginning of using contacts, it can be an adjustment. But the tiny insert smaller than a dime is put in the bottom of the inside of your eye. It continues to dissolve, reliving your affected eye from the irritation. Used once a day it’s more convenient than the frequent use of artificial tears. Although unlike artificial tears, a prescription is needed. For a detailed list of more cures

More or Less

For a more extreme measure (still an effective one) there is a new treatment called Lipiflow. The minimally invasive procedure can be performed by trained doctors. Lipiflow is meant to do more than just treat the symptoms of dry eye but actually serves to treat the dry eye syndrome. Lipiflow is meant to unblock glands to make sure they are working correctly to provide your eyes that natural comfort they deserve. For a less extreme measure a warm compress is a relaxing way to soothe your eyes, although similar to Lipiflow it can be a little inconvenient. Warm compresses are easily purchased at a convenience store. And with a variety of eye masks to choose from you can find a warm compress that’s suitable for you. Then while at home or a convenient place sit back and relax with an warm eye mask on for roughly ten minutes. Remember warm…not hot!

Take Good Care

There are a handful of tips above that we’ve put together for dry eyes cures, in hopes that you can find aide in healing your dry eyes, whether you’ve had long term symptoms, seasonal allergies, or have just dealt with it occasionally because of the smoggy LA weather. At Inglewood Optometric Center, we want to make sure you’re taking care of your eyes, not just your lenses or contacts. Located at 236 North Market Street in Inglewood, California we’re always available for questions and concerns. To make an appointment call us at 310.671.2020.

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