Perfect Lenses for Night Driving

Extreme Focus at Night

When people drive at night, they have to be extra focused and aware of the road since senses can change and be reduced. A clear vision is the optimal key factor in being able to drive safely on the road. Driving is hard enough in the daytime, especially in Los Angeles, but it’s a different story when night comes into play. Driving in the dark can compromise several aspects of your vision including color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception. However, the most common problem of night driving is glare. This light source has interfere with your vision and decrease your reaction time. Glare at night can come from both bright and dim lighting. There are a few tips to help with your night driving and to reduce glare. The most reliable of them is anti-glare glasses.

Ways to Improve Night Vision

Night vision can be improved with several ways: Driving more slowly, leaving extra space between you and other cars, cleaning the exterior of your car (windshield, windows, mirrors, headlights), allowing your eyes to adjust to the night’s settings, turning off or dimming interior lighting, and avoiding staring into headlights of oncoming traffic are all very effective tips in combating glare at night. Nevertheless, avoiding glare comes at ease with the assistance of anti-glare lenses, most notably designed by Crizal Eyewear.

Wrong Glasses

First of all, you may have seen ads claiming that yellow-tint driving sunglasses will also help your vision at night. They are wrong. The yellow-tint lenses does reduce glare and helps you distinguish objects in the darkness, but its by lessening the amount of light that reaches the eyes. Thus, making it difficult to see and could be a risk when driving.

Prevent Glare

Anti-glare eyeglasses such as Crizal allows prescription lenses with an anti-reflective coating that eliminate reflections, front and back of lenses. They can keep light from bouncing inside the lenses and also allows more light to reach your eyes to better see things. Crizal anti-glare lenses provides protection against the five enemies of clear vision: glare, scratches, smudges, dust, and water. Furthermore, it includes efficient UV protection. Another plus is that the lenses are nearly invisible to the naked eye which means that other people can focus on your eyes instead of being distracted by a reflection. For anti-glare eyeglasses, Crizal is one of the most well-known and most durable eyewear brands.

The Right Lenses Will Be Here

Lucky for you, Inglewood Optometric Center houses many quality brand frames and lenses with designs and uses applicable for what your vision needs. Crizal lenses ensures safer night driving and we’re happy to carry it. For high quality eye care and treatment, schedule an appointment with us on our site or call us at 310-671-2020; we can prescribe you with the vision and eyewear that will allow you to see everything clearer.

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