The Importance of Getting an Eye Checkup for Kids

An annual eye checkup for kids is necessary! You schedule two appointments a year for your kids to go the dentist, you schedule doctor’s appointments when they’re sick, but there are several reasons why optometrists should provide an annual eye checkup for kids.

Learning Related Vision Problems

Unlike adults, who are equipped with the knowledge and communication skills; kids don’t always realize what normal vision looks like. This means they’re unlikely to complain about vision issues. What makes this worse is that vision is closely linked to the learning process. Not being able to detect vision issues early enough can lead to learning issues and problems at school.

Pay attention to physical signs like squinting and rubbing their eyes frequently if they aren’t being vocal about blurred vision. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development made an excellent chart that details symptoms and correlating “possible” vision problems. We know that as parents you want to make sure your child is equipped with everything they need to succeed in school, and an annual eye check-up for kids can spot any issues.

Recommended Annual Eye Check Up for Kids

Because kids are always growing, an annual eye check-up for kids is a necessity. As they continue to grow into their bodies, issues can arise in their eyes. Spotting issues can help you see when it’s time for your child to get glasses and what kind of vision issues they have (like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism).

No Minimum Age Requirements

For kids, there isn’t a minimum recommended age to start wearing glasses. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “For a child between one and two years old, glasses are generally recommended if the myopia (nearsightedness) is more than -4.00, the hyperopia (farsightedness) is more than +5.00 without strabismus or +2.00 with strabismus, or the astigmatism is greater than 2.50.” For a parent that means your optometrist will be able to determine whether or not the above information will warrant your child needing glasses.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Us

But remember, every child is unique, which is why a trained professionals, like the doctors at Inglewood Optometry, can help determine what is best for your child. Call us today at 310-671-2020. Schedule your child’s next eye checkup now, so you can be sure what your child’s vision needs are and what to do about them!

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