The Meaning Behind Colorful Eyeglass Frames

Fantastic Colors of Frames

These days, eyeglasses do more than just increase our vision and perception. For many, the appearance of the eyeglass frames that we wear showcases our preferred style and the color of our frames can express a little bit of our personality and character traits. There are probably several significant reasons why some people would choose to wear more stylistic, colorful eyeglass frames than the usual black and silver. What do colorful eyeglass frames say about you? What do individuals consider when they do go and pick up brightly colored glasses? Here’s what colors on glasses could mean:

Colors and Personality

Whatever color you pick can change the perspective of you from other people. Different colors establish different viewpoints and expressions. Bright colored glasses can give off a pretty bold statement. Bright colors suggest confidence and fun. Here’s some notable colors and how they can represent your personality:

Red: An exuberant color that is not asking to be hidden from the crowd. Red captures more of a confident look; red frame wearers usually want to be perceived as powerful, bold, and not afraid to stand out.

Pink: Color of compassion and kindness. People would associate all pink frame wearers with caring and nurturing, as well as fun.

Green: A color that fills you with very positive vibes. Green makes us feel happy and warm.

Yellow: If you have a bright and cheerful attitude, then you may be attracted to yellow color frames. It is the color of creative thinkers; energetic and upbeat, but also intellectual.

Blue: If you’re calm and quiet, you might go for blue. The color also evokes trust, loyalty, and confidence. Wear blue if you want to look confident from others around you.

Black: Powerful and bold.

Cool or Warm Factors

There usually two kinds of colored frames that people go for: cool or warm. Best color for warm coloring can range from gold, peach, orange, red, copper, etc. For cool; black, silver, pink, blue, and jade are sufficient. Whatever side you choose could definitely be based on preference, but also your skin, hair, and eyes can play a factor.


For one thing, the tone of your skin can be an important factor in determining your new frame’s color. All complexions fall into the cool and warm bases. Olive skin tones, for instance, can fall into the cool category. A lighter skin tone can be associated with more of the warmer colors.


Eyes play as a secondary factor in your color choosing. The result may vary because there are so many eye variations. Basing your frame color off your eye color can have the subtlest of influence your look with your new glasses. Picking a color close to that of your eyes will create depth, but getting a contrasting color will make your eye color pop out more.


The color of your hair can also determine if you side with cool or warm color eyeglass frames. Eyeglass wearers with black hair would go well with black and dark turquoise frames. Black hair also has a nice contrast with saturated bright colors like cool blues and cranberry colors. Red hair pairs well with colors like black, green, and tortoise shell. Golden blonde hair and dark brown hair can also fall into the warm color category. They would both go well with contrasting colors like tortoise shell, blue, black, and pink.

Trendy Colored Frames

Tortoise Shell: Also known as “horn-rimmed glasses;” the color of these frames replicated the speckled look of real turtle shells. It’s a similar pattern of yellow and brown shell spots. This style of color is reminiscent of 50s vintage styles that will make your glasses very versatile with any outfit you choose.

Clear & White: These elegant beautiful frames are another popular eyewear trend. This new design gives off a cool and modern feel to your frames and is a fitting color for 2017.

Gold Metal: Simple and straight, gold metal would look delicate and also inspire elegance.

Find Them All in Inglewood

All these different colors and trending styles that we mentioned above, available from the best designer eyewear brands around the world, can be found inside Inglewood Optometric Center. From Ray-Bans. Tory Burch, Burberry, and Coach; there are multiple beautiful colors for you to choose from with the absolute best quality of frames. Visit our shop at 236 N Market St. in Inglewood. Be sure to also set up an appointment with our experienced optometrists for efficient eye care before we prescribe your new colorful eyeglass frames.

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