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At Inglewood Optometric Center, our staff is renowned for being the friendliest, most helpful team of any optometry office in the Los Angeles region. We think of ourselves as one large happy family, and we want you to join us too! Because of this, we are able to provide you with the best optometry service and prescription glasses in LA. Whether you are a new or returning patient or just getting a pair of glasses (or contacts) for the very first time, we enjoy nothing more than assisting you with a helping hand and smile.

If you primarily speak Spanish, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you.







Lillian has been “Inglewood’s Optician” since 1977. She joined Inglewood Optometric Center in 1998 and is beloved by all patients and staff. Lillian specializes in finding the right eyeglass frame for each patient. She enjoys working with Gucci and Dolce Gabbana frames to provide the elegant look that you deserve!




Lab Technician

Carlos has been working at Inglewood Optometric Center since 2000. He graduated from the American Career College and enjoys working with sophisticated lab equipment so patients can receive their custom prescription eyeglasses promptly and accurately.



Front Office Manager/Optician

Since 2009, Miriam has worked at Inglewood Optometric Center. In addition to coordinating various managerial duties, Miriam coordinates medical billing services, serves as an optometric technician, and will assist in finding the proper eyewear that gives you the look you desire. She loves helping people and especially enjoys the opportunity to serve the community.



Optometric Assistant

Jackie has been at Inglewood Optometric Center since 2013. Currently Jackie works as the Medical Biller. She also prepares patients for vision examination by conducting visual field tests, measuring ocular and blood pressure, and taking retinal images with OCT. Jackie strives for each patient to experience a relaxed and enjoyable visit.







Olga joined our team in late 2018 as an optician. She brings over 20 years experience in the optical field. Having lived in Inglewood most of her life, Olga loves being able to work in her community. Olga enjoys the process of educating patients and helping them select the perfect eyewear.




Romina is a graduate from American Career College and joined our team in 2018. Romina’s knowledge of lens design and eyewear selection helps patients select the perfect eyewear to fit their lifestyle.

“The best part of being an optician is being able to turn a patient’s frustration into joy when they find the perfect pair of glasses or they are able to wear contacts successfully.”



Medical Assistant/Optometric Assistant

Salma has been with Inglewood Optometric Center since 2019. With her cheery personality, she aims to make your visit an enjoyable experience. Salma performs blood pressure and intraocular pressure readings in addition to OCT and visual field testing. She assists taking medical history and is a fine addition to our team.





Ivan is a graduate from the American Career College and has worked in optometric offices in Rancho Palos Verdes, Torrance, and now Inglewood. He brings the vast knowledge of the industry to help you choose the best frame and lens options to suit your lifestyle. Always ready to provide service with a smile, Ivan aspires to provide you with excellent service and to make sure your visits are always the best.


Find out for yourself why our team makes Inglewood Optometric Center the best place to get prescription glasses in LA. Call us at 310.671.2020 and make an appointment today.

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