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At Inglewood Optometric Center, we are proud to provide you with the highest-quality optometry services available. Since our inception, we have made it our priority to have state- of- the- art technology available for all of our patients. We are proud to offer you the very latest technology in optometry and eye care. We guarantee you will always enjoy the best service possible. Coupled with our expertise and experience in optometric service, we provide you with the greatest eye care service in the Inglewood community and all of Los Angeles.

Most of our team is bilingual and comes from varying disciplines. We not only provide you with the best optometric care, but we also have extremely knowledgeable and friendly opticians to assist you.

We also provide consultation and evaluation for Refractive Laser Surgery, including LASIK.

Vision Tests, Eye Exams, and More

Regardless whether you need a routine vision test, require a more extensive eye exam or visual field test, or are unsure what you need, we are here to help. With years of training and experience, our optometrists are available to facilitate an extensive vision test, eye exam, and more. Are you not sure what your problem is? No problem! We are experts at diagnosing eye diseases and vision impairments as well. Other eye services we provide include visual field testing, retinal imaging, and optic never fiber analysis.

Contact Fitting, Custom Glasses, and Glasses Repair

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect pair of contact lenses or glasses. Everyone has a completely different set of eyes, facial features, and personal preferences. Because of this, we offer: an in-house custom contact fitting to make sure that your contacts provide an optimal fit, an expansive selection of optical frames from the highest-quality vendors, a specialized fitting process, and a selection of high quality lenses.

Available Treatments

We provide treatment for different vision ailments and eye diseases. Common treatments we offer include glaucoma treatment, dry eye treatment, myopia treatment (nearsightedness treatment), hyperopia treatment (farsightedness treatment), presbyopia treatment (age-related farsightedness treatment), and other treatments for common maladies and eye diseases. Whatever your problem might be, do not despair! We not only diagnose eye impairments but also offer complete, affordable, treatments to get your vision back on track.


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